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Plenary Speakers

We are so excited to have such a distinguished list of world-class plenary speakers for this upcoming event.

In Vivo Imaging 


          Bruce J. Tromberg, Ph.D.

          Director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)




          Ramsey D. Badawi, Ph.D.

          Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering; Vice-Chair for Research, Department of Radiology

          Chief of the Division of Nuclear Medicine, UC Davis Medical Center


Molecular Nanomachines 


          Zev Bryant, Ph.D.

          Associate Professor of Bioengineering and Structural Biology

          Department of Bioengineering, Stanford University


Cardiac Bioengineering 


          Igor Efimov, Ph.D.

          Alisann & Terry Collins Professor and Department Chair

          Department of Biomedical Engineering, The George Washington University




          Crystal Ripplinger, Ph.D.       

          Associate Professor

          Pharmacology Department, University of California, Davis


Biomaterials and Drug Delivery


          Heike Wulff, Ph.D.

          Professor of Pharmacology; Director of the Probe and Pharmaceutical Optimization core, CounterACT Center of Excellence

          Pharmacology Department, University of California, Davis